About Me




Although I completed training as a medical doctor in my native country, Croatia, it was always clear to me that my true passion lies somewhere else. Waiting for the right moment.
I paint because I thoroughly enjoy the whole creative process - an idea, frustrating but so revarding execution - as much as, if not even more, the end result, the painting itself. It enriches my life. It makes me happy.
Unpredictable things inspire me. Moments. Quick look at something. Smell. Memory. Poem.
Bob Dylan said that behind every beautiful thing, there`s some kind of pain. I am in search of that kind of beauty, beauty that makes you wanna weep. Something painfully beautiful. Odd and imperfect.
And to get there, I will use just about any material and any technique - known and unknown to the art world - to achieve certain vision that I desire. Hence, besides oil, acrylic, pastel, charcoal, spray paint, the use of common household items, crafts, hardware products...Sand and rocks..Similar to that, random pours and squirts of paint, mixing unmixable, thinking unthinkable. And then, my love for mistakes and accidents..
Anything to get magic. To catch that fleeting moment of pure elation that tattoo itself to the soul.



I consider myself at the beginning of my artistic journey with an interest in exploring different media, techniques, and styles. However, my main focus is on abstract expressionism and experimenting with different types of new and nontraditional media. Pushing the limits, going into uncharted territory. Creating art that compliments traditional, contemporary and modern interiors.


Please, feel free to contact me. I currently live and work in Duluth, MN. If you like what you see, but maybe would like different size or coluor scheme, I would be happy to costumize it.

Every painting purchased from me, using personal checks of friendly PayPal service, is packed and shipped at highest standards, carries a money-back, limited guarantee of authorship and comes with a certificate of authenticity, including the complete description for each work.


Thank you for taking your time to read this and hope you'll be joining me on my artistic journey!